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Thanks for Supporting 2012! - 2012/12/31/(月)

For our guests and cooperate companies… Thank you for your warm support in 2012! Best wishes for coming new year!

Sightseeing Spot Renewal! -

Get information of Bali! Sightseeing Spot is now renewal opened!! Please check informative pages.

Marine Sports Renewal! - 2012/12/26/(水)

Enjoy ocean activities in Bali! Marine Sports TOP is now renewal. Let’s check fun menus!!

Optional Tour Renewal! - 2012/12/21/(金)

New design for Optional Tour TOP page! Many fun menus for your holiday!!

Car Charter Renewal! - 2012/12/19/(水)

Enjoy your Bali Trip by free car charter plan! Our Car Charter page is now up date and added new cars!

First Day Plan Renewal! - 2012/11/21/(水)

This is very convenient and good plan for your arrival day! Check out new First Day Plan.

Recommended Tour Renewal!! - 2012/11/05/(月)

35 recommended courses to go around Bali! Check out new Recommended Tour. Visit famous spots, villages, dances, great natural view of Bali by our private car!

Activity Renewal! - 2012/10/26/(金)

Enjoy fun activity in the nature of Bali!! HIRO-Chan Activity Page now become new desigin!

Optional Tour Renewal! - 2012/10/25/(木)

Temple, Dance, Camel Safari, Marine Sports, Surfing and more!! HIRO-Chan Optional Tour Page now become new desigin!

Spa Renewal! - 2012/10/12/(金)

Heal & Beauty…in Bali Spa! HIRO-Chan Spa Page now become new desigin!

4 World Heritage in Bali!! - 2012/10/03/(水)

Ancient Balinese temples, ruines, and beautiful nature in long history… World Heritage SP Page is open!

Fishing in Bali!! - 2012/08/27/(月)

Catch giant fish in blue ocean in Bali!! Sports Fishing SP Page is open!

Spa in Shopping Mall!! - 2012/08/13/(月)

You can enjoy outlet shopping & spa! Mango Spa Special Page is open!

The Perfect Menus! - 2012/08/01/(水)

Check out The Perfect Plans for your holiday in Bali!! For first day, last day, afternoon tea, etc. more!

Check Out New Menus!

Bali Spa at Mercure is a brand new spa, Devata Spa - 7/30

The Perfect Plan

Uluwatu Romantic Dinner is available available! - 7/28

Meet Our Guest!

HIRO-Chan Guest Book is updated! - 7/27

Summer Holiday in Bali!

New HIRO-Chan Monitor Report is up! - 7/25

Summer Holiday in Bali!

Trekking+Rafting+Balinese Danbce is available! - 7/25

Spa Report!

Mango Spa Report is up! - 7/24

Summer Holiday in Bali!

Rafting+Horse Riding , Elephant Riding+Sightseeing & Horse Riding+Safari&Marine Park are available! - 7/16

Summer Holiday in Bali!

Rafting+Zoo & Rafting+Safari & Marine Park are available! - 7/16

Summer Holiday in Bali!

Rafting+Camel Riding , Rafting+Horse Riding & Rafting+Ubud Sightseeing are available! - 7/16

Summer Holiday in Bali!

Rafting+Zoo & Rafting+Safari & Marine Park are available! - 7/16

Summer Only! Let’s make memorial photos of Bali Trip!

Photo Tour by ProPhotographer - 7/14

Summer Holiday in Bali!

Cycling+Rafting+Dance+ZOO is available! - 7/14

Summer Holiday in Bali!

Meet Balinese Children at Local Kindergarten! Mini Study Abroad Program - 7/12


Legong Dance Tour in Kuta started! Don’t miss their first performance on July 22th! - 7/12


Jegog Tour in Kuta is available! Don’t miss their first performance on July 20th! - 7/10


BRASCO DFSGALLELIA is added on Bali Souvenir Shop Page! - 7/10

Summer Holiday in Bali!

The Cheapest Price Ever! Marine Sports in Serangan is $5! - 7/10

Summer Holiday in Bali!

HIRO-Chan new menu! Suerfing Lesson in Serangan for age 7 16 is only $27! - 7/9

Summer Holiday in Bali!

Limited Time! Special Summer Page is available now! - 7/7


Mango Spa in a large shopping mall on Sunset Rd., BRASCO is available! - 7/7

Available with Recommended Tour & Optional Tour!

Check out Tour Option on the Day - 7/07

Dekom Bali Surf

Surfing School Report is up! - 7/4

New Bonus!

Children under age 12 is free!!! Kids Special Plan began! - 7/5

SOBEK special campaign!

Check out Rafting & Cycling - 7/3

Thank you very much for visiting HIRO-Chan!

Guest Book is updated! - 7/2

Thank you very much for your corporation!

HIRO-Chan Partners’ Guest Book is updated! - 7/2


June Popular Menu Ranking is updated! - 6/30

First Day

First Day Plan + Optional Menu! $14/person is available! - 6/22


Cultural Experience Page is now updated! - 6/18

HIRO-Chan Group

BEST Bali Travel Plan by over 20 staffs! More Details - 6/18

Go on Bali

adventure by Harley! 18th Harley Tour page and Report by Maru are up! - 6/17

Real Chinese in DFS Galleria!

EMA Restaurant page is up! - 6/14

New Spa!

Water Paradise! A new spa in Kuta Taman Air Spa is now available! Check out Report by HIRO-Chan staffs! - 6/13

Renewal open! Check out their new restaurant

interior and menus! Kemangi Restaurant Report is up! - 6/9

Serangan Surf

Surfing School 3 Days Report is up! - 6/8

A new course of

Sobek Batur Cycling is available now! - 6/2

The Popular Menu Ranking of May

is up! - 6/1

Many guests visited our office in May!

Guest Book is up! - 5/28

Thank you very much for visiting HIRO-Chan Office

in May! Sponsor Guest Book is up! - 5/28

New Kuta Golf

including transportation is now $120!! - 5/23

Special Feature! The Banjar Spa

is up! - 5/22

apanese Restaurant

“Dong-Dong” Report is up! - 5/18

NEW Menu!

New entertainment place including spa in Kuta! Last Day Plan by The Banjar is available now! - 5/16

Thank you very much all the time!

Guest Book of Our Sponsors(Japanese Page) is updated! - 5/15

Meet our guests who visited HIRO-Chan office!

Guest Book(Japanese Page) is updated! - 5/14

Fishing in Bali!

Coral Fishing Trolling Fishing Sports Fishing are added on Fishing Page! - 5/12

Enjoy Surfing with the Great Deal!

Surf School & Surf Guide by Serangan Surf School are available! - 5/11

Special Summer Project by Bali Hai begins!

Check out the details of Sunset Dinner & Beach Cruise - 5/9

GT Fishing Report by Marucchi

is up! - 5/4

The April Popular Menu Ranking

is out! - 5/1

NEW Restaurant!

A new Italian restaurant, Base Camp inside of the new hot spot in Kuta, Bali, Banjar is added! - 4/28

Banjar Spa Report is available now! - 4/28

Finally the joint purchasing system started!

“Bali Joint Buying Coupon” is now available to get the maximum 70% discounts for spa and activities! - 4/25

NEW Spa!

The largest spa with 123 rooms in Bali, Banjar Spa is available now! - 4/25

Get the Giggie!! GT Fishing Report by Aya

is up! - 4/24

Sobek Ayung River Training Report is up!

- 4/23

Trunyan Village Tour Special Page

is completed with a report by HIRO-Chan staff, Jun! - 4/21

An old-established popular

Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Plaza Dewata is renewal open with their new set menus! - 4/19

Hot Spring Village, Toyabungkah Village

is added on the sightseeing spots! - 4/16

Recommended Tour!

Mysterious Tour in a village famous for an aerial burial, Trunyan Village Tour is available! - 4/14

NEW Super Reasonable Menu!

Let’s enjoy the marine experience in Nusa Dua! Super Reasonable ☆ Nusa Dua Experimental Diving is available! - 3/24

NEW Super Reasonable Menu!

We can provide the best plan from the first day of your stay in Bali! Super Reasonable ☆ First Day Plan is now available!! - 3/19

NEW Super Reasonable Package!

Including Diving and Parceling! The Super Reasonable Nusa Dua Marine 5 in 1 is available now!! - 3/14

NEW Cruising!

Going to Lembongan Island by large cruiser! Day Light Cruise, Sail Sensations is out!! - 2/25


$15 off for NIRUWANA Golf Club (Only from Monday to Thursday) - 2/17

Enjoy horse riding in a Western Tabanan area

Nyani Beach! Sunset Horse Riding is available now! - 2/15

NEW Super Reasonable Menu!

Enjoy 4 activities in a day! We started offering Horse Riding 4 in 1 Package ! - 2/13

NEW Restaurant

The greatest view of the rice terrace! Giri Padi in Jatiluwih is available! - 2/9

NEW Report

Secret Salon on Sunset Road, House of David Report ! - 2/8


Flying from Bali! Komodo Island Tour is now 1 night and 2 days!!! - 2/8

NEW Spa is added!

Secret Salon on Sunset Road, House of David is available! - 2/7

NEW Super Reasonable Menu!

Come on, STUDENTS! Shabu-Shabu Buffet including picking-up and dropping-off service! Available from over 4 people! - 2/6

Seeking 100 People!

HIRO-Chan is now looking for new 100 people who want to work together! Check Out for More Info! - 2/6

Hot Spot on Oberoi Street in Seminyak!

Maya Sayang Restaurant & Bar page is updated! - 2/4

The first ranking in 2012!!! Here’s

the Popular Menu Ranking! - 2/1

Spa Report!

Large Spa in Sanur! The report & movie of Halo Bali Spa is up! - 1/31

Super Reasonable ★ Surfing!

Only February & March! New menu “Super Reasonable Surfing” with high quality service and the cheapest price started from today! Check Out More Info! - 1/25

Spa Report!

Reasonable Spa in Nusa Dua! Photos and movie of Natalie Spa is up! - 1/25

Super Reasonable ★ Night Tour!

Only for Students! New menu is available now! Super Reasonable Night Tour! Check Out More Info! - 1/21

Spa Report!

A Super Reasonable Spa in Kuta, Lavender Spa Report is up! - 1/12

Super Reasonable Marine Spa!

The first big project this year, Super Reasonable Marine Spa started! - 1/3


We are looking forward to supporting your Bali trip this year! - 01/01

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